We provide IT support services both for information systems developed by us, as well as by other companies

To ensure coherent and orderly functioning of an IT system, it should be constantly supervised. Furthermore, in these days software becomes out-dated very rapidly and does not meet the business needs. Therefore, finally, companies whose systems become out-dated encounter considerable new project installation costs and software depreciation problems.

We have expertise in installing and maintaining software from different vendors, so we can examine and maintain even the systems produced by other companies. We can also take over the tasks of other support teams, to ensure a smooth support process, as well as long-term and mutually beneficial cooperation. Of critical importance is not only a careful approach and professional maintenance of IT systems, but also an overall architecture of the systems.


Here are some key points

  • We can┬átake care of the IT systems event if they were not developed by Codeopera
  • Performance optimisation of solutions provided by other suppliers
  • Administration of website content
  • Upgrading of mobile applications