The Codeopera team treat its services rather extensively. Not limited to the creation of websites, apps or other software-related solutions, we provide consulting services on general IT infrastructure, servers and software installation issues as well as recommend the best-suited systems for your individual needs.

Based on your preferences and capabilities, we will develop a plan covering a wide range of IT solutions. To save your precious time and using our experience and expertise, we will provide the most optimal proposals for the successful functioning of your business unit in the IT field.

Availability of an expert IT consultant, especially nowadays, will enable you to have a big advantage over your competitors, since you will use the latest technologies complying with all modern trends and standards. Without wasting time for tackling the issues of system administration and IT infrastructure planning, you will be able to focus on your core business areas, leaving the IT issues to IT professionals.

  • The Codeopera team will analyse your current IT infrastructure and business situation and will determine which components can be improved to achieve the best outcome for your Company.
  • Codeopera will work out a plan that meets your business needs, identifying potential threats in the IT field and providing solutions to avoid them.

IT consulting covers all IT spheres of your Company, from the proper selection of servers, advise on software and hardware, system architecture and design, advertising, complementary services etc.