Electronic Commerce (eCommerce)

The electronic commerce (eCommerce) is the pursuit of economic benefits by selling products or services through computer systems, such as eShops or social networks. The Codeopera team provide software development services for electronic shopping, as well consulting on online marketing, SEO and AdWords, Facebook advertising.

We analyse the behaviour of your online shop customers and perform online shop modifications that improve your company’s performance. Consumer analysis data will not only determine the conversion rate, but will also enable to figure out the website shortcomings.

It’s not only about online shopping and payment processing–it’s about strategy.

In each case, we take different decisions, which include the selection of the most suitable eCommerce management system, representation of image and the range of products, necessary and appropriate selection of payment methods, integration with external data management and transmission systems, safety requirements and capabilities, as well as search engine requirements for content optimisation.

If you create your own electronic business, current technologies will enable you to delegate a considerable part of work to the computer. Automatic importing of goods is the function of your online shop that will save time and money, because the system itself will perform the operations normally entrusted to the staff. This function is indispensable when you have a huge range of goods, or product information is constantly changing and your staff cannot physically keep the information updated, or the labour costs are too high.