Custom software development is one of our main focus activities

Custom software development includes individual solutions implemented on the basis of customer needs in order to develop software or internal company system that are consistent with the specific customer needs and system requirements. High-end architectural solutions enabling a system to operate successfully as well as timely updates to ensure an uninterrupted continuity of Customer’s business are critical for Custom software development. Such systems are usually designed not for sale but to operate internal processes of the company and to optimise its resources. Therefore, Custom software development encompasses not only system development but also integration of external systems.

The main development principles of such systems are as follows: functionality, safety, integrity and simplicity.

We have a clear, economical and widely tested approach for entering and exiting the custom software development, maintenance and quality assurance processes at the right time, using the right resources. We are aware of customers’ business needs and deliver successful solutions that contain all specified requirements and always adhere to time and budget limits. In addition, we provide platform-based customisations.

We develop software primarily considering the actual value for the Customer and investment pay-back.

We are guided by the following principles of software development

  • Analysis of needs and requirements
    During this phase, Customer’s needs and objectives are identified and documented, and the technical properties of the developed system are described. The analysis of the system requirements includes the selection of basic and mandatory elements and functions used for the system design work and its implementation.
  • System design, implementation and deployment
    This is a very important phase confirming that all of the Customer’s business needs have been thoroughly collected and documented, all functional and non-functional requirements as well as all functions that will have to be performed by the system have been described in detail.
  • Quality assurance
    For quality assurance, we use modern automatic testing tools and processes. We apply the highest quality standards in each step of software development–from the analysis of business needs, identification of system requirements and programming to product launch, installation and maintenance.